Medical Services

Employee Health and Well-Being continues to offer services to support Mason’s needs in regards to COVID-19 management. These services include:  

  • COVID Vaccine: COVID vaccine and booster shots are available to students, faculty, staff, and the public. Visit Mason’s Vaccine Appointment website for more information about receiving a vaccine at Mason. 
  • COVID Testing: Mason will maintain capacity to provide surveillance and diagnostic COVID testing through December 2022.  To find out more about COVID testing or to arrange a diagnostic test visit Mason COVID Testing Website

Coming Soon: Employee Health and Well-Being is in the process of establishing the necessary work areas, procedures, and administrative processes to offer convenient basic medical services to all Mason faculty and staff for free or through your existing health insurance provider.   

Once established, Mason Employee Health and Well-Being services will include: 

  • Virtual Medical Appointments: Questions about health issues, symptoms you are experiencing, a chronic health condition, or need guidance from a medical professional? Mason will offer virtual private telehealth consultation for employees and recommend an in-person evaluation, referral to a specialist, or prescribe medication as appropriate. 
  • In-Person Clinical/Medical Evaluations:  Employee Health and Well-Being will provide medical evaluations for those employees who need an evaluation to perform specific work functions (i.e., certain activities with hazardous materials, operating large commercial vehicles, work with animals, and high stress/hazard environments).  Employee Health and Well-Being will also provide elective and routine medical evaluations to include annual physicals, heart health, and evaluation of new or existing health concerns. 
  • Acute Stress, Anxiety, Depression, or Behavior Consultation/Referral: Mason’s Employee Health and Well-Being will provide an initial evaluation to connect you to the right resources or specialist based on your needs. 
  • Occupational and Elective Vaccines: Some employees may need vaccine based on their work activities or have difficulty finding time to schedule routine or one time immunizations. Employee Health and Well-Being will offer common immunizations such as Flu, Shingles, Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap), Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR), and Hepatitis A/B for those employees that need or want to receive vaccine based on their work activities or health needs. 
  • Travel Consultation (Business and Personal): If you are traveling abroad for work or pleasure, Employee Health and Well-Being will provide health information and risks about your destination(s). Immunizations may be recommended or required based on your destination(s). Mason will offer both consultation and immunization shots for most destinations. 
  • Medication Management & Refills: Mason Employee Health and Well-Being will provide a convenient location to discuss your medication needs, refill prescriptions, and assist with medication management. 
  • Allergy Treatments: Employee Health and Well-Being will evaluate your conditions and provide treatment for allergens you encounter on and off campus with an emphasis on potential allergens in the workplace as a result of working with animals, field work, and seasonal maintenance. 
  • Rapid Tests for Common Illnesses: Employees who feel unwell will have an option to receive a rapid test to diagnose common illnesses such as Flu, Strep, and COVID.  Test results are provided within 20 minutes. Employee Health and Well-Being staff will provide consultation and prescriptions if needed. 
  • Laboratory Blood Work: In partnership with a nationally recognized phlebotomy laboratory, Employee Health and Well-Being will offer blood work, analysis, and consultation to support cardiovascular health, as part of routine medical evaluations, and medical diagnosis. 
  • Referrals: In the event that Employee Health and Well-Being does not have the expertise to address your health and well-being needs, you will be referred to the correct University office, health specialist, or resource.