Deisy Flores

Title: Employee Health Coordinator

Phone: 703-993-6001

Deisy Flores joined SEERM on October 31, 2022, as Employee Health & Well-Being’s, Employee Health Coordinator. She coordinates ongoing medical surveillance activities which include scheduling, follow-up, and recordkeeping for Hepatitis B vaccine, Respiratory exams, BSL3 medical evaluations and vaccines, Animal Handler medical evaluations and vaccines, and other medical surveillance requirements. Prior to joining SEERM, Deisy was a volunteer at Inova’s same day surgery unit, where she served as a nurse assistant.
Deisy worked as a shift lead/ambassador for Mason’s Office of University Branding. During her sophomore year of undergrad, she was part of Mason’s COVID19 Response Team at Eagle Bank Arena. She graduated with honors (cum laude) from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health with a concentration in Global Health. Deisy was recently accepted into Mason’s Master of Public Health, Epidemiology program, and will be starting in Fall 2023.