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Unhealthy Air Quality Alert (6/28/23)

Continual wildfires in Canada have again led to uncommon smoky, and hazy conditions in Northern Virginia. These conditions have led the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to issue a Code Red Air Quality Alert for the Northern Virginia area.

The University plans to continue all indoor classes, activities and operations, however due to the Code Red alert:

  • Outdoor activities should be moved inside or rescheduled if possible and when appropriate, additional flexibility offered to those who may be particularly sensitive to the current conditions
  • Individuals should minimize outdoor time and exposure to the smoke/haze
  • Anyone who is particularly sensitive to the current conditions should seek medical care if they experience any difficulties, and wear a high-quality mask when outdoors
  • Employees who might have challenges in the current conditions should discuss informal telework or leave requests with their supervisor

We will continue to monitor the situation and this will remain in effect until the region is no longer under a Code Red Air Quality alert. The current air quality status can be found on the DEQ website here.

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