Topics A-Z

SEERM Topics A to Z


About EHS
Accident and Incident Plan
Acknowledgement of Risk
Acknowledgement of Risk for Laboratories Form
Accidents and Incidents
Acknowledgement of Animal Handling and Waiver form for Faculty and Staff
Acknowledgement of Animal Handling and Waiver form for Non-Paid Students and Volunteers
AED Incident Report Form
AED Locations
AED Program
Aerial Firework Application Form

Aerial Lift Training
Alternate Confined Space Entry Procedure Certification Form
Animal & Vivarium Safety Training
Art Safety Manual
Art Safety Training
Authorization for Drop-off/ Pick-up
Autoclave Equipment Training
Autoclave Safety Guide
Automobile Loss Notice Form


Banner Administrative Systems Request
Basic Fire Safety Training

Be Prepared

Biological Safety Cabinet Use Guide
Biological Safety for BSL-2 Laboratories Training
Biological Safety Manual
Biological Waste Disposal Pictorial
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Program
Bloodborne Pathogens Program
Bloodborne Pathogens Training
Bomb Threat Response Guide
Bomb Threat Checklist
BSL-2 Biosafety Refresher Training
Building Addresses: Arlington Campus
Building Addresses: Fairfax Campus
Building Addresses: Other Mason Locations
Building Addresses: Science & Technology Campus


Camp and Enrichment Program Acknowledgement of Risk for Classroom Based Activities
Camp and Enrichment Program Acknowledgement for Risk for Physical Activities
Centrifuge Safety Guide
Certificate of Insurance Request
Chainsaw Safety Guide
Chainsaw Training
Chemical Inventory Entry Guide
Chemical Inventory Requirements Guide
Chemical, Hazardous, and Universal Waste Management Guide
Communicable Disease Guide
Compressed Gas Safety Guide
Confined Space Entry Permit
Confined Space Plan
Confined Space Program
Confined Space Entry Training

Contact Us
Crowd Manager Guide
Crowd Manager Contact Form
Cyber Security Incident Report Form


Daily Forklift Inspection Checklist
Data Stewardship Policy and Related Policies
Decontamination Certificate
Declaration of Insurance Coverage for International Travel
Documentation on Short-Term University Volunteers Form
Driver Acknowledgement Form


Earthquake Guide
Electrical Safety Guide
Emergency Evacuation Guide
Emergency Management Executive Committee (EMEC)
Emergency Management Program
Emergency Plans & Guides
Emergency Preparedness Training
Emergency Procedures Poster
Emergency Shower and Emergency Eyewash Flushing Guide
Employer's First Report of Accident Form
Environmental Compliance Program
Environmental Field Safety Training
Ergonomics Program
Experiential Learning Agreement


Fall Protection Plan
Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Log
Fall Protection Equipment Request Form
FAQs - Emergency Management
FAQs - Environmental Compliance
FAQs - Fire Safety
FAQs - Laboratory Safety
FAQs - Occupational Health
FAQs - Occupational Safety
Fine Arts Insurance Request
Fine Arts Loan Agreement
Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire Safety Plan
Fire Safety Program
Fire Watch Guide
Flammable and Combustible Liquid Safety Guide
Forklift Safety Guide


General Safety Training


Hand and Power Tool Safety Guide
Hazard Communication Chemical Inventory Form Instructions

Hazard Communication Program
Hazard Communication Training
Hazardous Materials Shipping and Receiving Guide
Word Document .docx Hazardous Waste Labels
Hearing Conservation Plan
Hearing Conservation Training
 Hep. B Vaccination Form
HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Process
Hot Work Permit Application
Hosting a PEC
Hot Work Safety Guide


IBC Charter
IBC Registration Section A: General Information
IBC Registration Section B: Infectious Agents
IBC Registration Section C: Human or Nonhuman Primate Material
IBC Registration Section D: Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules
IBC Registration Section E: Biologically-Derived Toxins
IBC Registration Section F: Animals
IBC Registration Section G: Protocol Modification Request
IBC Guidebooks
Incident Report Form
Indoor Air Quality Investigation Request Form
Indoor Air Quality Program
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) - Safety Committee
Inter-Department Certificate of Insurance Request
International Emergency Insurance Coverage Request for Business Travel
International Travel FAQ
Inventory, Usage, and Disposal Log


Job Safety Analysis Program
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Guide
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Form



Laboratory Safety Awareness Training
Laboratory Safety Inspection Categories
Laboratory Safety Manual
Laboratory Safety Orientation Training
Laboratory Safety Program
Laboratory Safety Refresher Training
Laboratory Training Signature Page
Laser Equipment Registration Form
Ladder Safety Guide
Laser Safety Manual
Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Training
Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Equipment Specific Procedures Form
Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Inspection Checklist
Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Plan


Machine and Machine Shop Safety Guide
Machine Shop Inspection Form
Mason Alert Emergency Notification System

Mason Employee Alcohol and Drug Policy
Mason Human Resources Department
Mason International Travel Website
Material Handling Guide
Media, Photo, and Video Release
Medical Authorization to Treat
Medical Clearance Form
Medical Emergency Guide
Medical Records Release and Authorization Form
Medical Surveillance Plan
Medical Surveillance Program
Minors Internship Guide
Minors in the Laboratory Guide
Missing Person Guide
MOU for Volunteers in Laboratories Form
MVR Request and Release Form


News and Safety Highlights


Occupational Health Program
Occupational Safety Program
Office Personnel
Oil and Chemical Spill Response Guide
OSHA Hazard Communication Safety Data Sheets
OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Labels
OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Pictogram
OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire


Participant Code of Conduct
Personal Monitoring Request Form
Personal Protective Equipment Plan
Personal Protective Equipment
Pesticide and Herbicide Application Safety Guide
PI Process
Possession, Use and Storage of SAT Policy
Power Outage and Utility Failure Guide
Powered Industrial Trucks training
Pre-Event Safety Inspection Checklist
Property on Loan to Mason
Property on Loan to Outside Agencies
Purchasing and Storage of Grain Alcohol Guide
Pyrotechnics (Fireworks) Display Guide



Radioactive Material Project Registration Form
Radiation Safety Program
Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)
Radiation Safety Training
Radiation User Authorization Form
Radiation User Declaration of Pregnancy Form
Regional Emergency Preparation Guide
Release of Immunization Records Form
Report of Loss to State Owned Property
Report of Loss to State Owned Property (Fine Arts)
Reproductive Health Hazards Guide
Resident Safety Program

Respiratory Protection Plan
Respiratory Protection Training
Risk Acknowledgement and Emergency Contact Form
Risk Assessment for Minors in the Laboratory
Risk Self-Assessment Worksheet
Roofing Project Odors Fact Sheet
RSC Charter


Safety Challenge
Safety Committees - EMEC
Safety Committees - IBC
Safety Committees - RSC
Safety Recognition Award
Safety Recognition Award Nomination Form
Self-Administration of Medication
Shelter Preparation Form
Shipment of Hazardous Materials Form
Skidsteer Loader Safety Guide
Supervisor Request for Air Monitoring Evaluation
Supervisor Request for Occupational Noise Evaluation
Supplemental Laboratory Safety Plan
Supplemental Risk Self-Assessment Worksheet
Suspicious Package Response Guide
Syllabus Language Insert


Teacher Recommendation Form
Temporary Structure Permit Guide
Temporary Structure Permit Application
Active Threat Response

Tips for Laboratory Safety and Compliance
Tornado and Severe Weather Preparation Guide


Unit Fire Safety Plan
Unit Fire Safety Plan Form
University Camps Emergency Operations Plan
University Policy #1103 - Space Utilization and Scheduling
University Policy #1134 - University Travel to International and Hazardous Locations
University Policy #1138 - Minors on Campus
University Policy #1404 - Reporting of Crimes, Accidents, Fires and Other Emergencies
University Policy #1406 - Environmental Health & Safety
University Policy #1408 - Environmental Management and Sustainability System
University Policy #1411 - Vehicle Use
University Policy #1412 - Reporting of Clery Act Crimes and/or Prohibited Sexual Conduct
University Policy #2207 - Inclement Weather Emergency Closing
University Policy #2221 - Background Investigations
University Policy #4004 - Occupational Health and Safety Program for Animal Care and Use Personnel


Vehicle Accident Packet
Vehicle Insurance Card
Vehicle Restrictions Waiver
Volunteer Appointment MOU
Virtual Self-Assessment Worksheet


Walking and Working Surfaces Guide
Water Intrusion Response and Remediation Guide
Workers' Compensation Department (HR & Payroll)

Working Safely with F.tularensis Training

Working Safely with HIV Training
Workplace and On Campus Violence Response Guide
Workstation Ergonomics Assessment Checklist
Workstation Ergonomics Assessment Tool
Workstation Ergonomics Brochure


X-ray Safety Training